Krimmler Wasserfall Österreich

Krimml waterfalls

Holidays at Europe’s largest waterfalls

They are some of the largest waterfalls in the world and with a fall height of 380 m and are the largest in Europe: the Krimml waterfalls. Spend your holiday at one of the most impressive displays of nature in the Alps.


Waterfalls with proven therapeutic properties

The special spray of the Krimml waterfalls is used as a form of therapy with long-lasting beneficial effects for asthmatics.

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The “Wasserfallweg” path

This is a 4 km path winding around sharp bends and takes about 1-1.5 hours to walk, with lots of viewpoints and platforms. The path rises up 431 m alongside the waterfalls, an impressive display of nature.

Torchlit walk to the Krimml waterfalls

Experience a romantic torchlit walk in winter: a torchlit walk takes place once a week to the waterfalls that are lit until 21:30. Experience the display of nature offered by the Krimml waterfalls glistening in the light, with a small supporting programme and drinks available at the foot of the waterfalls.


Hotel reviews of the Krimml waterfalls

Spend your holiday in Krimml at the Hotel Post Krimml, near to the Krimml waterfalls. Guests staying at our hotel receive a guest card giving them free entry to the waterfalls.

Your holiday at the Krimml waterfalls

Send us an enquiry for your holiday at Europe’s highest waterfalls and we will happily send you an offer.


Blick auf Krimml Österreich

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Gold Autumn

4 nights

22.09.19 - 10.11.19

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Zwei Skifahrer im Skigebiet Zillertal

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Enchanting pre christmas time

4 nights

14.12.19 - 22.12.19

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Ortsansicht Krimml im Winter

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7 nights

21.12.19 - 28.12.19

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Winterpanorama der Dorfbahn im Skigebiet Zillertal

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Zillertal Arena ski package

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04.01.20 - 26.01.20

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Pärchen beim Winterspaziergang in Krimml Österreich

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Breating in the snow

7 nights

11.01.20 - 25.01.20

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