Familie genießt Ausblick auf die Krimmler Wasserfälle

Relaxing holidays in Austria

Hotel Post Krimml – Hotel for allergy sufferers

Start to look forward now to relaxing holidays in Krimml. Hotel Post has been completely refurbished from 10th March to 3rd August 2019. This will lead to it being certified as the Hohe Tauern Health Hotel, a health initiative combined with the therapeutic properties of the Krimml waterfalls for asthmatics and those with allergies.

Combine active recuperation with all the benefits of the nature of the Hohe Tauern National Park and the marvellous mountains of the Alps. Experience the healing power of the water of the Krimml waterfalls (medically proven) and fill up on new energy by enjoying activities out of the open-air of the Salzburger Land region.

Restful holidays at the Hotel Post

Relax in the new relaxation and sauna area at the Hotel Post with wonderful views, and find peace in the restful rooms and apartments, suitable for those with allergies. Enjoy the sounds of nature from your balcony, birdsong and the tumbling water of the waterfalls, and appreciate the mobile phone-free areas (in the dining room and relaxation areas). This is a place where you can enjoy a restful break from everyday life, and fill up on new energy on holiday, ready for your return home.

Breathe freely from the moment you arrive

The Hotel Post in Krimml is a place of recuperation and relaxation. Here you can find rest, switch off, and fill up on new energy. A treat for body, soul, and spirit.

Tips for healthy sleep

  • Feel rested and rejuvenated to start the new day
  • Do without caffeine, alcohol, and fatty or heavy food before sleeping. In our restaurant, we cater to all your wishes
  • No mobile phones or tablets on your bedside table, avoided artificial light as the blue component of the light has an adverse influence on your sleeping rhythm
  • Turn off the TV and any lights, or unplug them fully
  • Darken the room completely
  • Do relaxation exercises and listen to relaxing music
  • Good night yoga (3 times a week)
  • Fresh air: air your bedroom before sleeping
  • Exercise every day in the outdoors. Sport late in the evening can however wake you up.
  • Ideal sleeping temperature: 18°
  • Refrain from any physical activity before going to bed
  • If possible, follow a regular sleeping pattern
  • Don’t look at the clock at night, that creates tension

Hotel Post top offers

Alpen Relax Days

7 nights

01.05.24 - 14.07.24

from € 525,00 per Person
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Gruppensport bei den Krimmler Wasserfällen

Hotel Post top offers

Waterfall therapy 14 days

14 nights

13.05.24 - 21.09.24

from € 1.299,00 per Person
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Unterster Krimmler Wasserfall

Hotel Post top offers

Waterfall health week (7 days)

7 nights

13.05.24 - 21.09.24

from € 680,00 per Person
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Zwei Wanderer rasten am Fluss in der Zillertal Arena

Hotel Post top offers


4 nights

07.06.24 - 14.07.24

from € 236,--
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Hotel Post top offers


7 nights

14.07.24 - 01.09.24

from 550,-- per person
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Time for restful a holiday in Krimml?

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